Indeed, the years pass faster than I care to consider and this blog certainly gives the appearance of being an abandoned bit of internet real estate… except: It isn’t. Whether or not anyone visits these pages, I’ve continued to pay the “No Ads” fee to and I continue, now and then, to think about what I might post next.

I also hope that those of you who followed this blog perhaps, once in a while, wondered whether I was still writing and revising—because, then you’ll be interested to know that… 

The manuscript I described in my previous post is being published this year—2020—by University of Alaska Press.

Here’s my “quick” description of Cabin 135, A Memoir of Alaska by Katie Eberhart:

Cabin 135 is a house that was built for the Matanuska Colony. Living there for many years, the author became fascinated with the accumulation of layers. The house anchors this book, a collection of threaded stories, to a particular plot of landscape in the Matanuska Valley.

Whether semi-tamed garden, national park, or forest, nature meanders through the stories in this book. As does memory, that thread that ties each of us to our past. The terrain of this book includes garden and yard, but also more distant places where enticing moments offer insights to how we live and survive.