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Lorquin's  admiral - butterfly

A Lorquin’s admiral butterfly at the Metolius Preserve. Photo credit: Katie Eberhart

You might call this preparation for an upcoming writing workshop, or curiosity, but a few weeks ago I got up early and drove from Bend to Sisters, then on toward Camp Sherman and the Metolius Preserve which is a lovely forested, and protected, area on the eastern slopes of the Oregon Cascades.

My article, Walking with Butterflies at the Metolius Preserve, is now up on the Deschutes Land Trust blog:

While waiting for everyone to arrive for the Land Trust’s butterfly hike, I found myself thinking about the magic of butterflies—the colors and patterns; the fluttering-flight like a lopsided folding and unfolding; the delicate wings that might inspire kite-makers but don’t suggest longevity in the wilds. During the quick introductions, nearly everyone mentioned an abiding interest in butterflies. One woman said that she hoped to find artistic inspiration and I was thinking about the metaphoric possibilities and how butterflies seem to be a species with superpowers—with adaptations for evading predators (like hungry birds), surviving bitter cold and deep snow of mountain winters, and even outwitting people with butterfly nets. . . . read the entire article, Walking with Butterflies at the Metolius Preserve, on the Deschutes Land Trust blog.


Forest view in the Metolius Preserve

Forest view in the Metolius Preserve. Photo credit: Katie Eberhart

Register now for my Field Notes Writing Workshops at the Deschutes Land Trust’s Metolius Preserve (Saturday, August 9) and at Indian Ford Meadow Preserve (Saturday, August 23). These workshops are free but registration is required through the Land Trust’s web site.