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The Goldendale (Washington) LPFM Radio Project is sponsoring a Poetry Contest.  There are separate categories for kids and adults. Deadline for entries is April 15, 2014! Winners Will Be Announced by Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 24th 

Poetry Contest entry form: http://www.pasturegolf.com/lpfm/forms/Contest_Guidelines.pdf

photo by katie eberhart. 2006.

photo by katie eberhart. 2006.

For more information about the Goldendale LPFM Radio Project, read the Press Release below or visit one of the information pages: the Program Scheduling & Radio Workshop page or the LPFM Goldendale Blog. 




February 10, 2014. FCC grants a Permit for Construction of a Low Power FM Radio Station in Goldendale, WA.

Four months earlier, in October 2013, community groups and non-profits across the nation, had a two-week window, and what well may have been a one-time chance, to apply to the FCC for a Low Power FM Radio License. A group of local citizens in Goldendale, Washington, believed it was too good of an opportunity to miss, and took steps to apply for the FCC Construction Permit (and ultimately, a license) to establish a non-commercial, educational, Low Power FM radio station to serve Goldendale and its near environs.

LP stands for “Low Power.” By definition, a low power radio station broadcasts at 100 watts or less with a range of about 5 miles depending on geography. It had been more than thirteen years since the FCC had opened up the application process to the public for community, non-commercial, educational, usually volunteer-run stations. Goldendale’s LPFM Radio Project garnered enough interest in the month before the FCC’s due date, to ‘go for it.’ The group was fortunate to attract participants who gave generously of their time, energy, expertise, and perhaps most importantly, their good humor and spirit of camaraderie.

Thanks to the foresight a few years ago, of those who created the non-profit Community Enrichment for Klickitat County (CEKC), with its mission of education, communication, and projects aimed at alleviating poverty, the Goldendale’s LPFM Radio Project found an organization well-suited and willing to serve as their “umbrella.”

The application that the Goldendale LPFM Radio Project submitted was classified as a “singleton,” meaning that no other groups were applying for a permit in the same area. Singletons received first consideration as the FCC processed applications. Four months after the Goldendale LPFM application was filed, notice arrived from the FCC that the Construction Permit, allowing 18 months in which to get the 100 watt station running, had been approved.

Excitement about the possibilities continues to spread. Informal voting is underway to determine the Call Letters for the station at 100.1 on the FM dial in Goldendale. The future radio station plans to feature local news, local music and arts, and compelling, educational, public affairs programming.

Community Radio has the power to cultivate closer connections within the community through locally created, shared programming in many fields including music, arts, local history, health and wellness, politics and more. It offers the opportunity to involve youth, to educate and advance human dignity, celebrate multiculturalism, encourage environmentalism, and serve as a standing example of freedom of expression.

For more information about Goldendale’s Low Power FM Radio Project, see: www.pasturegolf.com/lpfm