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The publisher, Uttered Chaos Press, now shows my chapbook Unbound: Alaska Poems on their ordering page: http://www.utteredchaos.org/publications.html

Publicity is a huge part of publishing poetry. Last spring, the publisher sent me questions for a Q&A type interview. Now, the questions and my responses are posted at AN INTERVIEW WITH Katie Eberhart 2/23/2013 Reading this Q&A, I see places I would annotate or add to, like the question about writer’s block:

UC: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
KE: My main strategy is to deny the existence of writer’s block. But there are also a few tricks – call them writing prompts, or not – like reading poetry and writing a conversation with the poet, or riffing on a sentence or phrase that you deleted from something else, or pose (and answer) a question like “what if scents had names like colors?”
Also, I like writing micro-scenes—a few lines or couple sentences, not too onerous—that might become starting points, or nodes, for future projects.

I wonder now at the possible connection between “writer’s block” and procrastination. During some bouts of procrastination (was it really “writer’s block”?), I began learning to play the accordion . . . a nice use of non-writing time and surely somehow helpful when I started writing and revising again.

Broadside of "Aurora" by Katie Eberhart (Click image for link to full size PDF on the publisher's web site)

Broadside of “Aurora” by Katie Eberhart (Click image for link to full size PDF on the publisher’s web site)

The publisher, Uttered Chaos, has created a Broadside of my poem Aurora—Aurora is the first poem in the chapbook and the first poem of a three-part poem Chena Hot Springs. 

. . .  and I started a Facebook page where I’ll post upcoming events like the “conversation between poems and music” at Vagabond Blues in Palmer, Alaska, Saturday September 21 at 7:00 pm. Music will be by the Northern Aurora Flute Ensemble and I’ll be reading from Unbound: Alaska Poems

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I hope to see all my Palmer and Matanuska Valley friends at Vagabond Blues, Sept. 21st!

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