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Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know my essay “Negotiating Spring Creek” is in the latest edition of Cirque Journal (Winter Solstice 2012/Vol 4 No 1).

Photo Credit: Katie Eberhart

This essay began with a trip of just a few hours one autumn morning to search for salmon along Spring Creek, a stream which drains into Cook Inlet in Alaska and hardly qualifies as a popular place to canoe, but there was a lot to see and ponder:

“The three of us peered into a shallow pool where salmon swam listlessly; a pool defined by the railroad berm and Old Matanuska Road, and the narrow necks of culverts; a pool with dead salmon wedged between sticks or flattened like quilt pieces. Ralph, my neighbor, was passionately interested in the life cycle of salmon in Spring Creek and his enthusiasm was contagious, despite the gloomy autumn day, and rain….”

“Negotiating Spring Creek” begins on page 72 of the current issue of Cirque Journal — you can read the whole essay online (go to Cirque Journal) for free. Print copies of Cirque Journal can also be purchased.

Wishing you all a very fine New Year!