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Found yesterday on the beach at Newport, Oregon, a chunk of styrofoam, bits scattered like a comet’s tail across the wet sand.

Chunk of Styrofoam on Oregon Beach

The tide rolls the fragile object. Waves pick it up and toss it. Bits of seaweed adhere giving it a ferrous hue. Stuck to it are a few mussels in a sickly shade of gray, not the usual seawater-shined black.

A destination worthy of investigation, dogs zero in on it. People veer toward it. Like a large dirty snowball on a wide flat plain, the object attracts sniffing and prodding. At dusk, from my room on the bluff I see a white spot at the edge of the surf. This morning the awkwardly-sized and sea-pitted hunk was even farther south and higher up the beach.

News stories indicate tsunami-caused wreckage from Japan is drifting ashore along the North American Pacific coast. April 18, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle washed up in British Columbia.


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