Perfectly timed for Earth Day, my sister Cory sent this picture of daffodils she has planted, explaining in her email:

This is the result of three or four years of bulb planting along the edge of the road. Finally made it from the driveway up to the intersection. There’s a quilt pattern called “Drunkard’s Path”. I’m thinking of calling this “Drunken Daffodils’ Path”! 

Daffodils to the end of the road

What the gardener knows. How many years and shovels of dirt it takes for a zigzag trail of blooming daffodils.

What the gardener knows: patience and the ephemeral nature of flowers.

Next week, I hope to see the “Drunken Daffodils’ path” for myself.

Thank you Cory for letting me post your email and photo!