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Does a blog need rules? Established at the outset? Lists or categories of what you plan to address over an open-ended time period? Since this is a new blog, again, welcome. I intend to reflect on place and landscape, and the geography of literature—or how we come to know the places we live and travel as well as places of the imagination—but with digressions so on the hike, please bring an extra pair of shoes (or boots).

As Virginia Woolf pointed out in her c. 1905 essay Literary Geography:  “A writer’s country is a territory within his own brain; and we run the risk of disillusionment if we try to turn such phantom cities into tangible brick and mortar.” 

If you live in the desert, try imagining Valdez, Alaska where record-breaking snow complicates everything:

Valdez, Alaska. February 2012 — here you would need boots, a shovel, a snowblower, a front-end loader, and a dump truck to take the snow away.